“Life is not measured by the number of socks we own, but by the socks that take our breath away.” – Maya Angelou


The Importance of The Perfect Fit

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ITEM m6 swear by their shape wear collection and with this easy guide you can see how beneficial our products are and exactly how they are working.

Our shape effect has 5 particular benefits and the diagram above shows the area and direction in which ITEM m6 will shape your body; on the waist, hips, tummy, thighs and legs.


ITEM m6 is perfect for any jet setter, whether you’re going for work or pleasure; with ITEM m6 you can travel in style and be safe in the knowledge that your legs and feet are being looked after. The intelligent design of  our products means that blood circulation during any short or long haul flight will be regulated – leaving the wearer to enjoy a carefree journey to their destination.

Happy travelling with ITEM m6.


Socks and Heels

There is always a slight question mark over whether socks and heels are appropriate, so ITEM m6 are here (along with a little help from Dries Van Noten) to assure you that it’s okay and can also be a very effective and edgy styling statement.


The Dries Van Noten AW 13 collection at New York Fashion Week showcased his stamp of approval on wearing socks with heels (sandals to be exact). Chunky, dark, statement socks were worn with delicate metallic sandals, creating the basis for outfits that battled against each other; whether the battle was the oversized heavy weight jackets against the feminine skirt silhouettes or the androgynous appearance of the models against the copious feathering and oriental prints.



Whatever the reasoning behind this magnificent collection, it has encouraged us at ITEM m6 to encourage YOU to follow the trend and create your own individual „socks with heels“ style.

So be inspired by one of fashion’s most prominent designers and upload your „socks with heels“ looks to the blog, on Instagram or to twitter with the hashtag #ITEMM6DVNINSPIRATION



ITEM m6 Intelligence

On receiving your first ITEM m6 product, you may be shocked at the small sized appearance, however it is this unique aesthetic that ensures the BODY+EFFECT is doing it’s job correctly. ITEM m6 will become like a second skin and you can confidently style your product up whilst reaping the benefits.


Monday Madness



Let’s be honest, we all know that feeling on a Monday morning. The weekends over and it’s time to hang up your glad rags (possibly your pyjamas) and get back to business.

However with ITEM m6 you can maintain that weekend comfort from Monday to Friday! The clever design of each and everyone of our products guarantees a feeling of comfort twenty-fours hours a day and will leave you feeling revitalised and full of energy.

Yes, the weekend is over, but prolong that sense of well-being and ensure slick style by wearing ITEM m6.

So forget falling asleep on your Monday journey home, take yourself out and embrace the start of a new week!


Place your order now ready for next Monday;



Wardrobe Essential!

Our women’s and men’s pique striped socks are perfect for any occasion, whether that be peeking out between a tailored suit and a smart new brogue or paired with a killer pair of wedges and a midi skirt!

Stock up and show us how you style this wardrobe staple!

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