The new Soft Touch Tights are the most delicate seduction in the history of legwear. Thanks to a unique production process and high capillary, ultra-fine microfibres, the tights feel like powder on your skin. The high-tech yarn used to create the soft touch consists of a huge number of tiny fibres spun to a single thread. Soft Touch Tights „are a girl’s best friend“.




The new Beauty Tights are a true beauty sensation. These miracle anti-cellulite tights are made in Germany using unique high-tech yarn. Particles of ceramic crystals melted into the yarn reflect the body’s own heat and convert this into infrared radiation, which can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and beautify the appearance of the skin with lasting effects. Combined with medi’s innovative compression technology, these tights are an effective weapon against cellulite.






ITEM m6 is bringging an innovation to the international market:
Tights Invisible! With a material thickness similar to 15 DEN in appearance, they are the thinnest, most invisible tights featuring real compression on the market – all with the full ITEM m6 effect! The new Tights Invisible smooth skin and conceal minor blemishes like magic. Experience the pure pleasure of beautiful, smooth legs. Prefer a nude look? Then the Tights Invisible are just what you are looking for. Every skin tone is catered for by the shades Powder, Savanna, Light Tan, Sun and Bronze.




 The new Cotton Knee High blends the soft feel of cotton with high-class function and design made in Germany. With their perfect balance of cotton, these knee-highs guarantee an exceptionally comfortable fit without sacrificing ITEM m6’s proven functionality and compression. The knee-high socks also feature a fine-ribbed texture and come in subdued black, brown and blue shades, making them the perfect partner for business.